Project name:

Improvement of solid waste management system in Yangiyul district Administration

Yangi Yul District Administration
Description of project:

Conducting of the tender for selection of a private operator for pilot project

Solid Waste Management
Tashkent region, Uzbekistan
Description of Services:

- Preparation of tender documentation for competitive selection of private operator for collection and disposal of solid waste in Yangiyul area;

- Conducting seminar for chairmen of mahalla committees in order to increase their social activity in resolving problem with waste management;

- Developing criteria for evaluation of technical and financial proposals of suppliers;

- Conducting prequalification conference to familiarize interested companies to participate in the competition to choose the operator to provide services for the collection and disposal of solid waste in the area Yangiyul additionally placed ads in the media;

- Carry out individual consultations for companies interested in participating in the tender;

- Conducting seminar for the members of the tender committee for the selection of private operator;

- Assistance in the competitive selection: conducting the procedure of opening a technical package of proposals; assist members of the evaluation committee in the assessment of the technical packages; notified suppliers about the results of the technical assessment of the package of documents; carrying out the procedure of opening of the financial package; notified bidders about the results of the competitive selection; assistance in concluding the contract with the winner of the tender;

- Workshop with the chairmen of mahalla committees in order to inform about the results of the competitive selection and obligations of the private operator;

- Carrying out a number of schools lessons aimed at informing schoolchildren about the problems of waste disposal and the need for specialized containers.

Status and Implementation Period:
Completed, July 2012 – November 2012

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