Project name:

Development Strategy for MS-VOSTOK

MS-VOSTOK (Uzbekistan)
Description of project:

Consultant developed medium-term marketing plan for the production of basalt products

BAS-Programme (EBRD)
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Description of Services:

Works were carried out in three stages:

Stage I. Diagnostics of the company.

- Technical audit of existing production facilities and production infrastructure of the Recipient;

- HR audit of technical personnel;

- Study of possibilities of the Company for the implementation of activities for the production of basalt products.

Stage II. Marketing research of basalt products market.

- Desk research of commodity markets;

- Desk market research products from basalt;

- Study the local market for the production of basalt products;

- Definition of supply and demand for products made of basalt in various sectors;

- Defining the list of products of basalt, the planned production;

- SWOT-analysis of prospective production.

Stage III. Comparative analysis and justification of choice of manufacturers / suppliers of equipment for the processing of basalt.

- Search and identification of potential producers / suppliers of equipment;

- Comparative analysis of process equipment;

- Segmentation of the target market for the price parameters of the equipment;

- Development of recommendations on the selection of equipment;

- Analysis of sources of external financing (for the possibility of obtaining external financing for the purchase of equipment).

Stage IV. The development of medium-term marketing plan.

- Definition of marketing strategy;

- Development of medium-term marketing plan.

Status and Implementation Period:
Completed, January – April 2008

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