Project name:

Conducting event “Life is continuing”, 1 stage.

IIZ/DVV International
Description of project:

The purpose of the project was analysis of the problems faced by recently released women from prison, released on parole or correctional labor of women.

IIZ/DVV International
Social sector
Tashkent city, Uzbekistan
Description of Services:

The event was held in the form of three round tables. 30 women were invited to the eventfrom interested focus group. It was assumed that during the event, invited women will help to generate a range of problems they encountered on their priorities, as well as methods and ways of their resolution based on their own experience.

The organization of the event was attended by representatives of the Department of Internal Affairs and Tashkent city police department, Center for Social Adaptation of Tashkent city and Yangiyul district of Tashkent region, the General Directorate for Labour and Employment of Tashkent, Charity Fund "Mahalla" of Yangiyul district of Tashkent region, Tashkent “Mahalla” committees, women's Committee of Yakkasaray and Bektemir district of Tashkent city. During the analysis of the problems, which were voiced by participants, they provide advice on measures to solve them.

The event had a tasked to review the ways of solving identified problems in accordance with the general legislation. It was assumed that some of the problems can be solved, if released from prison will be informed about the current legislation, the mandatory functions of certain social structures, such as the Center for Social Adaptation, the district administration on labor and employment, etc.

Participants were provided with handouts, including information on employment, cooperation with the centers of social adaptation, etc.

Based on the analysis of group work, the anonymous questionnaires and the information received from the invited experts, it was concluded that released from prison at the time of release do not have any information on the social and legal structures (centers of social adaptation, Department of Labour and Employment, Department of Internal Affairs and police), designed to assist in solving problems, namely the provision of temporary and permanent housing, setting to the registration, the exchange of passports, employment, obtaining additional skills, receive free medical examination, legal advice and etc.

Status and Implementation Period:
Completed, August - November 2012.

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