Project name:

Preparation of Feasibility Study and procurement of equipment for three enterprises under UNDP Women Migration Project

Administration of Djizzak and Ferghana region and Private Enterprises
Description of project:

UNDP Women Migration Project in Uzbekistan is directed on employment of the women injured during illegal migration. Three agricultural companies had been selected where equipment to be installed to allow employment of the women. The project aim was to promote financial stability of the selected companies though the companies’ activity expansion.

UNDP and BAS Programme of EBRD.
Social sector
Tashkent, Djizzak and Ferghana regions of Uzbekistan
Description of Services:

The Consultant’s services included development of the recommendation on agricultural products processing and development of feasibility study aimed at diversification of selected three companies’ activity, strengthening and enhancement of its financial performance.

During the project the following tasks were performed:

  • Diagnostics of the companies;

  • Determination of requirements regarding equipment and supplier (capacity, requirements to location, installation services and staff training) with the purpose to develop the base of the project;

  • Analysis of the similar products market (marketing research, analysis of demand for goods to be manufactured);

  • Preparing of the preliminary recommendation and FS in order to determine the economic efficiency of the project based on cost and operational expenses of main equipment;

  • Preparation of TOR for announcing of bidding on equipment procurement;

  • Preparation of final recommendations on agricultural products processing.

Status and Implementation Period:
Completed, August 2009 – December 2009.

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14 Bobur street, Yakkasaroy tumani Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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