Project name:

Consulting services for the modernization of the staffing structure and improve the quality of service in three sales offices of "Uzbektelecom" in transition to the principle of single window (phase 2)

Description of project:

Implementation of the developed models and systems of customer service in sales offices of «UZBEKTELECOM» (Single Window).

The main objective of the project - to facilitate a smooth and painless process of implementing a new customer service model, taking into account the current situation.

Tashkent city, Uzbekistan
Description of Services:

The monitoring was conducted by direct observation of the work of sales offices and direct calls to the call centers.

In the first stage of monitoring consultants assisted personnel of Head Office in the selection of HR-specialists and operators in several new sales offices.In the second stage was carried out supervision over the work of staff of sales offices and call centers, parsing errors when working with clients.The third stage included analysis of all the information received, the processing of the results, writing a report and recommendations.

Status and Implementation Period:
Completed, June – October 2011

+998 71 2815040

14 Bobur street, Yakkasaroy tumani Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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