Project name:

Consulting services for the modernization of the staffing structure and improve the quality of service in three sales offices of "Uzbektelecom" in transition to the principle of single window (phase 1)

Description of project:

The total restructuring project of "Uzbektelecom" and preparing for a qualitative leap in sales.

Tashkent city, Uzbekistan
Description of Services:
  1. Developed and documented a new strategy and methodology of work with clients;
  2. Conducted re-certification of personnel of three central sales departments. Out of 103 candidates 36 were selected;
  3. A new system of financial motivation and employment of sales staff were developed;
  4. Conduct training for the new sales staff;
  5. Developed a method of monitoring work of sales departments;
  6. Laid the foundation for the development of corporate culture and corporate spirit. Conducted training on corporate ethics;
  7. With the full support of consultantsa new division for the selection and training of personnel (HR-department) was created. And recruiting of new personnel was conducted.
Status and Implementation Period:
Completed, February - May 2011

+998 71 2815040

14 Bobur street, Yakkasaroy tumani Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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