Survey on relevance of higher education for Modernizing Higher Education Project. World Bank, Loan No.IDA 58040.

ongoing, October, 2018 Education
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“Logistic support for conducting tests” under the project “Improving preschool and general secondary education”

completed, May 13, 2019 - June 04, 2019 Education
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Consulting services for conducting a final study and assessing the impact of the project in the framework of the project “Support to the development of the fruit and vegetable sector in the Republic of Uzbekistan”

current, from August 02, 2019 Промышленность
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Regional Road Development Project, IDA Credit No: 56790-UZ.

ongoing Social sector
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Consulting services on preparing roadmaps for the development of the value chain in the framework of the project "Diversification and modernization of agriculture"

ongoing, from August 19 Промышленность
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TA-9727 UZB: Preparing the Skills Development for a Modern Economy Project - Project Feasibility Design Study

ongoing, from 10th of December, 2019
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Affordable Rural Housing Program - 01 Consulting firm for DLI verification (50022-002), TA-9322 UZB

ongoing, Septemver, 2018 Social sector
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Public Awareness Campaign for Modernization of Real Property Registration and Cadastre (MRPRC) project

ongoing, June, 2018 Social sector
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