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Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( – On 22 January 2020, a press conference entitled “Achievements of 2019 and challenges for the future in the field of youth policy, social development and spiritual and educational work in the city of Tashkent” was held in the capital’s khokimiyat. The deputy khokim of Tashkent, Elbek Shukurov, spoke at a press conference with detailed information on measures taken in this direction.

In particular, in 2019, 18 state-owned kindergartens were overhauled in Tashkent in the field of preschool education, 5 new kindergartens were opened in Sergeli district, and 65 non-state preschool educational organizations were opened in the city as a whole.

In the field of public education, in 2019 repair and construction work was completed in 27 schools on the basis of the Investment Program, as well as in 14 schools as part of the Obod Mahalla program. On the basis of professional colleges, 4 comprehensive schools have been organized, and in Sergeli district, the construction of 4 comprehensive schools has begun. The Presidential School, the School of Creativity of Abdullah Kadiri, and the School of Information Technology Al-Khwarizmi have been opened in Tashkent.

In 2019, in the healthcare sector, 110 new private clinics were opened, 42 clinics expanded their profile, 12 medical institutions were overhauled. 11 central multidisciplinary family clinics are equipped with VOLIUM-6 ultrasound screening devices for a total of US$275,000. All available ambulances have been replaced with new modern cars and equipped with GPS communications.

In the cultural sphere, in 2019, 3183 events were held, at which 1 million 343 thousand people took part. Commissioned: Navruz park, promenade promenade area Soi Buyi, promenade area Courage Square, promenade area Blue Domes, Tashkent City Park. The brands of cultural events “Tashkent loves you”, “Youth karting”, “Night bike ride”, “MuzzDay”, “Flower Festival”, “Landscape open” were created.

In the sports sector, in 2019, 285 major sports and recreational events were held. Thoroughly renovated 3 sports schools. The work of 3 large sports complexes has started. 109 Tashkent sportsmen prepare for Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 107 metropolitan athletes were awarded medals of various ranks at sports events of the international level. To date, 3 athletes have received a license to participate in the Olympic Games.

In the field of youth policy in 2019, in the framework of the Yoshlar-Kelajagimiz state program, 58 young entrepreneurs received loans totaling 40 billion 132 million soums. 3 “Youth Labor Guzars”, 5 “Coworking Centers” were commissioned. 990 young families received new apartments in the Sergeli district.

Within the framework of 5 important initiatives of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 200 thousand books, 340 sewing machines, 100 confectionery ovens, 170 sets of computer equipment, about 700 musical instruments, 2700 pieces of sports equipment, 622 gymnastic mats were delivered to secondary schools in Tashkent.

In the field of tourism development in 2019, 53 hostels, 55 family guest houses were opened. 9 info kiosks, 10 modern pylons, 128 road signs leading to tourist sites, a lot of QR codes with information about 20 cultural heritage sites, 20 selfie sites were installed. 1450 Wi-Fi zones were organized at 156 sites.

The press conference concluded with full information on measures to be implemented in the social sphere and the future tasks of the city of Tashkent in 2020.


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