Tue 12 2015 10:47:18

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- Bukhara region of Uzbekistan is planning to complete reconstruction and capital repair of 29.7 km of automobile roads of international and state importance in 2015.

Within implementation of the presidential resolution “On investment programme of Uzbekistan in 2015” from 17 November 2014, the works on reconstruction and repair of 19.7 km of roads at the areas 311-321 and 336-346 km of M-37 “Samarkand-Bukhara-Turkmenbashi” were completed. These roads pass through Karakul district, Uzavtoyol said.

Uzavtoyol noted that its repair-exploitation enterprises in Karaulbazar and Romitan district conducted the reconstruction and repair works.

Till the end of 2015, it is planned to complete 10 km area – 188-198 km of M37 road, which passes through Kogon district.

The main goal is to improve roads to ensure uninterrupted movement of automobiles and security at the roads.


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