Wed 08 2020 11:24:49

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- At the Shurtan gas chemical complex within the framework of the investment project "Production of synthetic liquid fuel based on purified methane gas of the Shurtan gas chemical complex", construction and installation work of the substation "GTL 220/35 / 10 kV "to provide external power supply to the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex and the Uzbekistan GTL plant are being conducted continuously.

This substation will ensure stable operation of the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex and Uzbekistan GTL, a plant for the production of synthetic liquid fuel. The project of external power supply to the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex and the Uzbekistan GTL plant was developed jointly with the design institute Sredazenergosetproekt JSC.

Specialists and workers of the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex completed almost 95 percent of the construction work in the control building of the GTL 220/35/10 kV substation with two 125 MVA transformers each for external power supply of the facilities.

At a distance from the substation to the Uzbekistan GTL plant, the construction of a two-line 35 kV air network with a width of 220 kV has been completed.

Also, construction and installation work was completed for territorial lighting systems, auxiliary facilities, a fire-fighting water pumping station and reservoirs, as well as buildings for a closed switchgear.

The electrical equipment and devices for the station were completely supplied by Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd and domestic manufacturers.

Currently, work is underway to lay and connect cables in the secondary circuit of electrical appliances installed at the substation "GTL 220/35/10 kV".

Uzbekistan GTL will become one of the largest plants producing synthetic liquid fuels from natural gas. The annual production capacity of the plant will be more than 1.5 million tons of high quality synthetic liquid fuel that meets international standards.


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