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Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( - Jizzakh organic cluster was the first in Uzbekistan to import American sprinklers of the latest generation Valley. This technique will allow to establish rational irrigation of land and reduce the cost of meat production of the cluster.

In September, Uzbekistan will launch innovative sprinklers of the American company Valley. The first batch of equipment has already arrived in Uzbekistan. The cost of delivery amounted to US$8.8 million.

 “The import of sprinklers from the USA is another step towards fulfilling the investment obligations defined by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to create an agro-industrial cluster of meat and dairy products in Jizzakh region”. In particular, this equipment will increase land productivity by 30% and reduce the cost of the ration of animals by 25-30%, which will directly affect the prices of meat and milk. This is the latest generation technology, as efficient and economical as possible,” said Jizzakh organic director Hikmatilla Karimov.

The new irrigation complex will cover 600 hectares of pasture this year. At the moment, the laying of plastic pipes for Valley sprinkler equipment is 40% complete. The cluster also carries out other work to improve the irrigation system of Jizzakh region: the construction of a pumping station has entered the final stage, an additional 6.2 km of the main pipeline has been laid.

“Gobies and cows in our agricultural cluster are on free pasture, which means they require extensive pastures with a quality forage base. We sow land with grazing grass and compensate for the aridity of Jizzakh climate by irrigation. An innovative feature of Valley technology is the remote control modules. It is known that animals experience stress at every contact with humans, therefore, in our cluster, the operator will control by watering from the office using a mobile device or computer, ”said Jizzax organic director Hikmatilla Karimov.

In 2021, the company plans to install Valley sprinkler equipment on another 300 hectares of grazing land.


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