Tue 08 2016 11:33:07

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- Automobile overpass with the radius of 150 degree, constructed in crossroads of Muqimi and Shota Rustaveli streets in Tashkent since May, will become the first such artificial building in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Temir Yollari said that the overpass will have arcuate shape. The overpass with radius of 150 degrees will be the first such artificial building in Uzbekistan. The total length of the new overpass is just less than one kilometer. Four-lane bridge will connect the street Muqimi and Babur. For the convenience of pedestrians, it is planned to erect a flyover equipped with elevators and escalators. It is worth to mention that the first above-ground pedestrian crossings with the presence of modern type escalators were built by railroad-builders in the Khadra area in 2015. The road builders are also working in Aqtepa. The large-scale automobile interchange is created there. The culvert constructed over Burzhar channel and automobile road will be constructed over this concrete construction. The bridge over the channel is expanded. Two elevated pedestrian crossings are also constructed and they will have modern elevators and escalators. The automobile roads are constructed from Aqtepa squre to Muqimi, Shota Rustaveli, Kushbegi streets, as well as along Little Ring Road via Northern Railway Station to Tarraqiyot street. Currently, construction and improvement works are in full swing there. It is expected that all objects will be launched in September.


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