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Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- KNAUF Uzbekistan presented new “Architectural Atlas of Bukhara” on 30 March 2016. It was prepared by a famous Uzbekistan archaeologist Candidate of Archaeologic Sciences Elizaveta Nekrasova.

The guide was issued at the KNAUF’s initiative. The “Architectural Atlas of Bukhara” was composed by Elizaveta Nekrasova, archaeological scientist of Tashkent Renovation Institute, who had dedicated all her life to historical and archaeological research of Uzbekistan and Bukhara in particular.

The publication was intended for a high readership from tourists to Architecture professionals. The Atlas was called to tell people about the historical importance of Bukhara and the stages of its city-planning destiny as well as to highlight once again the greatness and richness of the old city.

The guide is a unique publication which materialized the result of painstaking work of cartographers, artists and talented photographers. They had managed not only to ingeniously describe and chase the great city in all its glory, but also to compose the Atlas in an available format from a tourist's point of view.

The atlas presents about twenty historic buildings which appeared during the period from the beginning of the XIV till the end of XX century. The water facilities system of Bukhara with its numerous houzs alone deserves enthusiastic epithets to talented architects of that time. The edition also tells us, how much attention has been paid to each building till the present day, what a titanic work has been made in the sake of saving the primeval beauty of masterpieces created by great architects of the past.

"Bukhara is an incredible architectural furiousness of styles, an amazing combination of pomposity and asceticism, a mixture of the most various buildings. And the KNAUF support in publishing this guide is one more little contribution of our company into consolidation of friendship and cooperation with Uzbekistan", the company's co-owner Nicolas Knauf said in his greeting to the architectural atlas.

"Due to its geographic location, Bukhara became a part of the Great Silk Road, and therefore the centre of origin and development of trade relations and experience exchange in various directions. Today there are modern building objects, which become an integral part of city life. Their construction was fulfilled in cooperation with KNAUF, which suggests a new view for building and contributes to the construction industry of the country", a famous Bukhara architect Zoirsho Klychev said.

The KNAUF Uzbekistan had acted as an exclusive sponsor for the atlas, as it considers such activity to be important to save and develop the perception of architecture as a kind of art.

Manfred Grundke highlighted, "it was a natural decision for the company to maintain such a project, taking into account the importance of the architectural ensemble of Bukhara for the world cultural heritage".


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