Sat 03 2020 12:17:08

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( - At the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Economy and Industry was transformed into the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction.

This decision is due to a number of factors. Among them is the need to create a concrete and transparent mechanism for managing the economy with a focus on results in the context of liberalization and widespread adoption of market approaches. It is required to form a modern institutional system for the rapid identification and solution of existing problems, ensuring unity in the activities of all relevant structures.

The main tasks of the new ministry affect 10 key areas:

- development, coordination and implementation of macroeconomic policies;

- poverty reduction;

- socio-economic development of territories;

- entrepreneurship development;

- development of priority industries and the maintenance of a unified industrial policy;

- transformation of enterprises with state participation;

- the formation and implementation of state investment policy;

- infrastructure development and implementation of urbanization policies;

- improving the business environment and the country's position in international ratings;

- intensification of economic ties with the world community.

Over the next month, employees of the new department and the Ministry for supporting the mahalla and family will study the living conditions and social status of all compatriots. Based on this, they will form primary lists of representatives of socially vulnerable segments of the population and passports of citizens' gatherings. It is immediately necessary to think over and begin to implement measures to provide them with the necessary assistance. This year, the Ministry will allocate 100 billion soums from the Anti-Crisis Fund to finance measures to reduce poverty. The necessary funds for these purposes will subsequently be laid in the budget.

A month was given to prepare a draft government decree on attracting the poor and unemployed, especially women and youth, to entrepreneurship, increase their labor activity and vocational training.

Within 2 months, a draft President’s decree should be submitted on the radical improvement of the system for managing state reserves and mechanisms to prevent a sharp increase in prices.

Until October 1, the ministry, together with other departments, will submit four key documents for consideration: the Concept of socio-economic development and the Industry Development Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan until 2030, the Poverty Reduction Program, as well as the draft decree of the head of state on introducing a minimum consumer basket and a living wage in all regions since 2021. The remaining authorities until August 1 will conduct an inventory of all documents for the future, taking into account the target parameters of the mentioned concept.

All medium and long-term concepts, strategies and programs for the development of industries and territories should now be coordinated with the new ministry. It should analyze the adopted socio-economic documents in terms of the impact on poverty. The Ministry will help coordinate activities in the areas of supporting competition and demonopolization, streamlining land relations, adopting technical regulations, conducting geological work, managing state assets and improving the mechanism of public-private partnerships. Along with the Ministry of Justice, it will be responsible for the implementation of administrative reform.

The Ministry will operate several existing and new institutions:

- The Agency for the Development of Small Business and Entrepreneurship is being reorganized into the Agency for the Development of Entrepreneurship with branches in all regions, cities and regions.

- The Higher School of Business and Entrepreneurship is being created on the basis of the Republican Higher School of Business and Management named after Abu Rayhan Beruni at the National Agency for Project Management and the Republican Center for Entrepreneurship Education at the Chamber of Commerce.

- The structure of the Institute for Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research and the Center for the Study of Industrial Markets and Labor Efficiency in Production is being updated. State Unitary Enterprise “Editorial Board of the magazine“ Itisodiyot: Taillillar va Forecastlar ”at the institute is being liquidated, and the institution itself will continue to issue the publication.

- The urbanization agency is being liquidated with the transfer of its functions to the ministry itself.


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